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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 23, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone, live from studio 7 at cnn world headquarters, the big stories for wednesday, june 23rd. a wounded warrior reports for duty at the white house and sleeves abruptly. general mcchrystal learns whether he keep his job as afghan war commander. the white house exam belling to revive it's moratorium on brilg. >> reporter: what was your first reaction? >> i was ecstatic. >> i will be talking with louisiana businessmen and women about the drilling moratorium's impact on their companies. i'm tony harris. those stories and your comments right here right now in the cnn newsroom. so, let's work through this. it is judgment day for the
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so-called run-away general, general stanley mcchrystal, commander of troops in afghanistan just wrapped up his face-to-face with the commander in chief after disparaging comments made by his aides about top ofl officials. the question is wl will he stay or go? he was seen leaving the white house after a meeting with president obama. the white house made is clear the president was angry. earlier, stanley mcchrystal met at the pentagon with robert gates and joint chiefs chairman admiral mullen. 33 hold the national security meeting on afghanistan. will the general get his marching orders? that's the question of the day, and you are weighing in. we are a couple of your comments. chris writes, he spoke the truth. why is the president such a baby? get real. we have a so-called freedom of
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speech. georgia says the general should be court-martialed. he set the tone for the troops. insubordination cannot be tolerated at any level. we are bringing you all of the angles. let's get to the white house and our correspondent there, suzanne malveaux. bring us up to speed on what is happening at your post? >> reporter: we've seen a lot of activity and movement. we don't have answers but all of this will play out very shortly. we just saw general petraeus entering the white house. there is a very important meeting coming up within the hour, 11:45 in the situation room where the president's national security team will gather to talk about the mission in afghanistan and the fate of general stanley mcchrystal. the big question is whether or not the general will come back to the white house and attend that meeting. senior officials are telling us they do not know the answer to that question. we saw him leave about 150:51
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after a meeting at the white house just the two of them in the oval office. it lasted about 22 minutes. it is fair to say today is going to be a game changer. it is decision time. we will likely hear from president obama about general mcchrystal's fate today. we have been told they are working out the logistics, and the timing of all of this but so far we know there is a meeting that will take place in the situation room. it will still happen. we know that the meeting has taken place between the president and general mcchrystal. we will get the fate of general mcchrystal and looking forward to the u.s./afghanistan mission. all of that is unfolding throughout the day. >> what a day at the white house for us. following all of it, suzanne malveaux. good to see you. let's get to our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. general stanley mcchrystal met
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with secretary gates earlier. anything come out of that? >> reporter: well, we don't know, tony. pins and needles over here at the pentagon. everybody is keeping very quiet. anybody who knows anything about this isn't talking. it had been the feeling, i must tell you, inside the mcchrystal team this morning -- we know from sources that general mcchrystal would know his fate from the president at the close of that one on one meeting at the white house that wrapped up just a little while ago. general mcchrystal leaving the white house after that. we don't know what happened. we don't know if the general will be returning to the white house, but inside his own team, the feeling had been that he would get the answer from the president long before that larger meeting started. everyone waiting to see what the answer is, tony. >> barbara, let's move forward here. who are the possible replacements should the general be relieved of his command? >> reporter: should it come to
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that, should it come to that, there are certainly any number of three and four star generals out there or general officers that should be capable of doing it. you know, let's just start at the beginning, which is mcchrystal has the job because bob gates said a year ago he had to have mcchrystal. he was the only one. now, if that doesn't work out, who else? perhaps the easiest choice would be general dave rodriguez. he is essentially the number two u.s. general in afghanistan. he handles all of the day-to-day operational military combat details. very competent, was the former military assistant to bob gates. gates knows him, trusts him. general rodriguez not very outgoing, i must say, and maybe that's to his advantage right now. there are a number of other generals that could be on tap. some of them you see here. marine corps general jim mattis known to be quite an open public
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speaker. that might not be appealing. general allen, the number two man at the u.s. central command. general rodriguez, general dempsey, a four star army general done a number of tours in iraq, very popular. admiral james stavridis, he has all of the nato relationships. he can help keep the alliance together in afghanistan. that may be very appealing, a very skilled diplomat, not a ground combat officer. she a navy admiral. if it comes to that, a large list out there, a lot of choices to be made. >> barbara, i know this is difficult to do on this day, but can we attempt to put the personalities and drama aside for a moment and ask a question? how does all of this impact the mission on the ground in afghanistan? >> reporter: tony you that is
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the absolute real bottom line. i can tell you that a number of officers and even enlisted soldiers i've spoken to over the last couple of days keep making that point. let's remember, it is the troops who are out there on the line. even president obama, of course, alluding to that yesterday. what they want to see is a decision made one way or the other and to get on with it. the strategy is not likely to change. it's not going very fast in afghanistan right now. they need to show some progress by the end of the year. the thing really on the table right now is can you make the strategy work? is this really all about stan mcchrystal or is this about squaring your shoulders, moving on and getting this job done in afghanistan? >> well said. at the pentagon for us, barbara starr. appreciate it. a former baghdad correspondent for "newsweek," michael hastings got exclusive
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access to general mcchrystal for that "rolling stone" article that may cost him his job. it's titled "the run-away general." he says he is shocked out free he was with his criticisms and they thought maybe he wanted to shake things up. >> why would they do this? in what way do you think they wanted to shake things up? >> that's just my speculation. you'll have to ask him. because of what they were saying to that, had sort of an agenda to it in that it was very critical of many of the civilian policymakers. we are trying to figure out if i am being played here. whose agenda are they trying to push? i'm trying to be as fair as possible. why are they saying these things in front of me? is it it just bad judgment or are they trying to get a message out to shake things up in policy? >> we expect to hear from
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president obama sometime today. we will bring you those comments live when they happen, along with any other comments coming from administration officials. still to come, a federal judge tells the president he can't halt drilling in the gulf. new york stock exchange negative territory. we are trading down 20 points. . ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest 3g network. this summer, get the exclusive samsung strive for just $19.99. only from at&t. of all luxury vehicles. but what good is saving energy if you don't put it to good use? ♪
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so here we go. day 65 of the gulf oil disaster, the white house scrambling today to rescue the president's moratorium on new deepwater drilling. ken salazar on capitol hill right now. he will roll out a revised beefed up ban soon, one outlining legal justifications in detail because a federal judge blocked the current moratorium and he says it is too generic and punitive. they are appealing to the judge and appealing the ruling. the president's order stopped work at 33 exploratory wells while the deepwater horizon explosion is under investigation. the moratorium pits business against environmentalists. here's chris lawrence in new orleans. rrp the last ships are sailing for small businesses that supply the oil rigs.
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some of these companies thought they had months before they ran out of work. >> but it all happened pretty much in a couple of weeks, and now we're dead in the water. >> reporter: then a judge overturned a six-month moratorium after just four weeks. what was your first reaction? >> i was ecstatic, very happy, but it didn't last long. >> reporter: because right after the ruling, the federal government says it plans to appeal, which means no deepwater drilling until it plays out in court. as oil companies move rigs to south africa, bobby jindal asked -- >> don't prolong this ruling. >> reporter: environmentalists were not happy with the judge's ruling. >> it's hard to look at the gulf of mexico and see the oil washing into the barataria bay and watching the pelicans and
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seeing how it affects the tourism, why we couldn't have a time-out. >> reporter: they say governmentover sight is too weak to start drilling again. >> the process isn't worth the paper it was printed on because it's been exposed that the paper was printed by the oil industry. >> reporter: what now? >> i think it's going to stay tied up in legalities, and it will be appealed over and over again. >> reporter: some oil rigs are bound to leave the gulf. >> absolutely the industry is going to see there is no end in sight and it's time to cut your losses. >> chris lawrence joining me live from new orleans. will any of the oil companies attempt to get their wells back up and running here? >> reporter: no. nobody's going to work any time soon. the oil companies aren't going to reopen wells or recall workers while that threat of an appeal is still out there because a different court order could shut them down all over
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again. this has the potential to drag out with the government appealing and it going back to court, but i talked to some of the experts in the industry, and they say no matter what happens in court, there are ways to slow down this process. if the government is hostile to the idea of the wells being drilled, they can slow down the paper work, kick it back every 30 days. so what i'm hearing is that are looking not just from the court but a signal from the u.s. federal government that is it no longer hostile to the deepwater drilling. some people are saying that perhaps, perhaps there is a possibility that with the court order going against the federal government that it may open a small window for some negotiation in which the u.s. government gets some of the safety regulations that they want to impose, and maybe the industry gets a speeded up time line to reopen some of the deepwater wells. >> chris lawrence in new orleans. good to see you.
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thank you. in a couple of minutes, i will talk to three louisiana entrepreneurs about the ban and how it aim pacts their businesses. an arizona wildfire has consumed 14,000 acres around flagstaff. calmer winds and lower temperatures are helping the firefighters. good news for those evacuated on sunday. >> i want to go home and i'm waiting and waiting to hear when we can go home. we like our wide open spaces and love the forest, and the saddest thing about this fire is the forest from this view will never be the same. >> officials say 20% of the fire is contained. it could take another two weeks to put it out completely. team usa fighting to stay alive in this year's world cup. we're back with an update in a minute.
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we can't show the video right now. i know you want to see the game but we will get you a bit of an update in south africa. we're a little more into an hour of a pair of really crucial matches. team usa is playing algeria, and so far it's scoreless.
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we haven't scored a goal against algeria? and england is leading slovenia 1-0. that's not good news. for slovenia, even a draw will get them out of the first round into the next round. u.s., england and algeria all need to go for a win. we have to win. americans could still advance with a draw with algeria, depending on what happens in the england game, and they are up 1-retinyl against slovenia. americans have seen enough draws. we really need a win. let's get to richard roth. what's the mood there? we see people downing a couple of beers behind you? >> reporter: i think frustration is growing here as the united states team misses what seems to be great scoring opportunities. let's take a look at their facial reactions here at stout a bar here in mid town manhattan.
11:20 am
usa! this is the first time i'm hearing the chant asner vous american fans look at these large screens. you might have mentioned this, if the united states does not win this game and england does defeat slovenia, the united states will not advance and will be eliminated at the group stage and will be a great disappointment for united states soccer. what do you think? >> i think algeria came out strong in the second half. we had good chances. if we finish, we can come out on top. >> reporter: you look a little worried? >> of course but the u.s. is going to pull out. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i think we are going to win. >> rsh what happened on the last attempt by dempsey? >> he hit a post and missed it.
11:21 am
i think the united states will pull it out. >> reporter: what about the refereeing? >> right now, i think the referees are doing a good job. rsh i can't believe you're not watching the developments at the white house between the general and the president but we will discuss it after the game. big tension and drama here. england on one monitor, the united states match on a lot of other monitors. >> how many minutes are we into this game at this point? we have 90 minutes of play and some stoppage play. where are we? >> reporter: i'm estimating you have about 30 minutes to go. the u.s. needs one big goal. >> appreciate it. thank you. we're going to keep an eye on that. you got to get some wins. you just can't play to draws in all of these things. you have to win some matches. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right,
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out for other people like me in the streets. >> next hour, the third part of a series about education. is placing black men in the classroom the answer to solving some eye oh okay, not all, but some of the problems in the black community? send us your comments to day 65 of the gulf oil disaster. the obama strags administration is working to save the president's moratorium on exploratory deepwater drilling. ken sal za on capitol hill. he plans to arab new moratorium. a federal judge blocked the current ban. he says it didn't offer sufficient legal justification. the president asking congress for another $600 million for border security. it would be used to hire 1,000 border guards and custom agents.
11:25 am
passengers were held on a plane for four hours last night. it was diverted to a small connecticut airport. the airline says it's sorry but it had to hold passengers until immigration officers arrived.
11:26 am
we're going to get you to the severe weather center, and reynolds wolf is there for us. let's check on where we are with the progress of the oil, the slick. i think you've got something to show us on that. >> we do. >> first of all, we are getting close to the big fourth of july holiday weekend, so beaches.
11:27 am
>> when it cups to beaches and the oil, the oil is at the mercy of the wind and the current. for tuesday, june 24th, it looks like it will go back to the. coastline and away from the mississippi coastline. in plaquemines parish, you are going to have the oil. we can speculate it will get closer to panama city by the time we get closer to the fourth of july. also, along the gulf coast, it will be steamy, hot, muggy. it will be heating up, not just in temperatures but with the chance of severe storms. we had strong storms over the past six days across parts of the great lakes. more of that today. we are seeing the heavier storms moving across portions of central and south michigan. you will have a transformation of clear skies to heavy rainfall. flint, detroit, e within feent
11:28 am
to 20 minutes, a big swath of rain coming through. more extreme heat today. highs, st. louis, 99 degrees, hot in dallas, houston with 95, 84 in new york city, 93 in atlanta, new orleans 87. humidity makes the difference. >> have a great day. the commander in chief on a collision course with the top general in afghanistan. we will hit tblog for your comments. fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums ♪ i've seen the sunrise paint the desert. witnessed snowfall on the first day of spring. ♪ but the most beautiful thing i've ever seen
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president obama right now set to begin his national security team meeting on afghanistan and pakistan. the question is, will general stanley mcchrystal join them? that would give us a clue, possibly, about whether mcchrystal has been fired over disparaging comments about the president and his top officials. the general and the president met face to face last hour. after their talk the general was seen leaving the white house. we will hear about this matter sometime today. we are asking if you think the
11:32 am
general should keep his job. where is ines ferre on this? >> right here. >> i'm hoping we're getting a big response to this. >> we're getting tons of comments from people on this. let's start with this. sharon says i believe mcchrystal and his aides should be court-martialed. ask how he would have handled this being done to him. we have someone saying i think you better listen to the general. mcchrystal is right. we have someone who thinks that mcchrystal should be forced to resign. the disrespect shows he is not totally committed to the mission of president obama. lastly, kef kay who says it was a breath of fresh air to hear general mcchrystal's comments not because it was right or wrong but because he was speaking like a soldier instead of a politician. we invite folks to leave their comments on the website or twitter or facebook. >> we need i-reports, people
11:33 am
weighing in on twitter, facebook, the blog page. let's get you engaged on this. again, we expect to hear from president obama sometime today. we will bring you the president's comments along with any other comments on this matter from any other administration officials. once we were dreamers. adventurers set out to discover new lands. new people. new ways. once we were great explorers.
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boy, i'm really looking forward to this segment. the obama administration plans to issue a new moratorium on deepwater exploratory drilling. the government is appealing, so the ban stays in place for now. the impact is felt all along the gulf coast. laurie shannen's company sells household item us to rigs, rope, soap and dope. these two gentleman run a diesel engine repair yard in louisiana. let's get started here. laurie, the president's order stopped work at 33 exploratory wells while the accident, the explosion is under
11:37 am
investigation. i don't know where you stand on this, but i do want to ask you, is that too much to ask for given that this is an accident that killed 11 workers? >> yes, it is a little bit excessive in what he has required with the oil fields. this was probably human error, and it is excessive that he would shut down all 33 deepwater platforms at this point. they should just up the regulations and do better inspections and let everybody get back to work. >> you are the second person in two days who has said the very same thing to me, that the accident on the deepwater horizon regular -- rig was human error. where is that coming from? why am i hearing that so much now? >> well, there are inspections in place and protocols that
11:38 am
should have been followed, and it sounds like they had some warnings prior to this that weren't heeded to the necessary degree that they needed to be done with. >> you don't think this was equipment failure? >> it was equipment failure, but i do believe that they had some warnings on this equipment failure that they could have preempted the accident had the necessary precautions been put in place. >> so, marty, where do you stand on this? >> i agree with what she says. i think what happened is somebody didn't do their job. the inspectors, something failed, and you have safety inspectors out there, and they wasn't doing their job. none of this probably would have happened. >> even if that's the case, don't you need to work through the chain of command to make sure it doesn't happen or to be absolutely clear about what did happen here? i'm still back to the question, is six months too much to ask?
11:39 am
>> you need to find out exactly what happened and go from there, but what they need to do now, instead of shutting down all of the rigs out in the gulf, need to do one inspection at a time, make sure everything is working properly before you can start drilling. >> bryan, where do you stand on this? >> where i stand on it is basically like this. was it an accident? yes, it was. accidents do happen in life, just like a plane will crash. when a plane crashes, it takes a couple of hundred people with it. did our president or our federal government shut down the airlines? when there's a train accident, did he shut down the whole rail system? no, he hasn't. so it's a tragedy that these 11 people lost their lives. this is the life they decided to do and the line of work they decided to do, and that was in god's hands.
11:40 am
it's just a shame now that the economy of the united states is in such bad shape. the only place in the world where the united states where business was doing well was the gulf coast. now, the gulf coast people purchase a lot of equipment from companies up north. >> yes. >> when the business is there. by shutting us down, that's not only shutting us down here. it's going to hurt the people up north. they are counting on the gulf coast. >> i got you, but, laurie, there is a process in place. it may not be moving as quickly as anyone would like but there is a process in place for those who are aggrieved by this, companies that sustained losses, to get some of those losses made up.
11:41 am
>> well i think if protocol was followed with the regulations we had in place, the accident would not have happened, but at this point what we need to move forward with is due diligence in the regulations that are already in place and make sure that when somebody on a rig has record an unsafe condition that the people above them are doing due diligence and heeding these warnings coming from the people on the derrick floor. >> martdy, have you filed a claim to get what you have been losing? >> i sell shrimp -- i sell ice and fuel the shrimp boats and they can't go out because the waters are polluted with oil. i usually sell like to 300 blocks a day, and that's equivalent to 90,000 pounds of ice a day, and now i'm down to about 3,000 to 4,000 pounds a
11:42 am
day. that's no good for me. >> i got you, but i'm asking whether you filed a claim? >> yes, i filed a claim with bp, and they got my paper work, and we still never received any payment or any compensation for what we lost. >> okay, are you willing to help in the cleanup effort and earn some money for your business? >> right, yes. we have some trollers out there working for bp. that's my biggest problem. a lot of my bigger boats are working for bp cleaning up the oil out in the gulf and in the inland waters and trying to protect our shores so that the oil doesn't get into our shores. >> it's not what yurs's used to doing, but these are extraordinary circumstances, so tough do what you can to make ends meet. bryan, have you filed a claim petraeus. >> no, i have not.
11:43 am
i'm going to follow through. hopefully this moratorium will get lifted. the moratorium gets lifted, and i have to agree with what laurie said in the beginning. if this rigs are inspected, osha what been out there, the federal government has been out there. if it's safe, they should lift the moratorium. if the lif the moratorium, the fishing industry will hurt. i've got to say that for the ice companies, for mike and them, but if the moratorium is lifted in a short period, we can go on about our lives. we're working people. we don't let things like this stop us. >> okay, bryan, good to talk to you, marty, you as well. laurie thank you for your comments. still to come, a church torn apart about an issue that is dividing america. we will find out how gay unions
11:44 am
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same sex marriage. it is a divisive issue across america even in the nation's pulpits. what do you do if you are against gay unions and your pastor is not? we have more from soledad o'brien. >> for god so loved the world
11:47 am
that who so far believes in him -- >> reporter: yvonne moore is a life long baptist, and she did what you'd never expect a faithful parisher to do. she siouxed the church she'd been going to for 37 years. covenant baptist in washington, d.c. >> why did i do it? that's a good question. it's funny now because that's not of god. that was me. i just got missed off and did it. >> reporter: she sued to get a portion of her weekly donations back. over 37 years, she estimated she had given over $250,000 to her church. >> i was upset that i paid tithes, and they didn't respect the members enough to listen to
11:48 am
us. >> reporter: what got under her skin was her pastor's belief that gay couples have a right to be joined in same-sex unions. >> i don't believe in it. i'm southern baptist, and the bible speaks against that. you can not take that into church. >> you cannot just read a bible and think that somehow you have now mastered the word of god. >> reporter: her former pastors christine and dennis wiley, a husband and wife team presented their beliefs to their black church in a vision statement calling for a quote inclusive body of biblical believers. were you thinking sexual orientation? >> we mean everything, yes. >> reporter: in 2007, two years before d.c. legalized gay marriages, they performed their first commitment ceremony at the alter in their church. >> i went to the wedding because i wanted to see it because i
11:49 am
couldn't believe it. i went and i thought it was disgusting. >> reporter: that ceremony and another that summer split the wiley's congregation. >> we lost half of our congregation. >> reporter: but the pastors pushed forward because they believed that fighting for gay rights was a natural extension of the black civil rights movement. >> i don't think we as a people have a lock on civil rights. >> i grew up in florida, and in my hometown, i was one of the first persons to eat in a restaurant. i was the first person to eat at a lunch counter. >> reporter: do you think the struggle of black americans has anything that aligns it with the struggle of homosexuals who want to get married? >> you know, dennis wiley asked me that because he knows one of my friends that's gay and put that person in that position. now, how do you feel about the way you were treated and just think about the way he's been
11:50 am
treated. i was like, oh, okay. >> reporter: do you think he a . >> we have come together today -- >> reporter: earlier this spring, just days after d.c. legalized gay marriages, tone any and her partner were wed at the altar. >> i take you to be my wife. >> reporter: it was the first legal gay marriage at covenant. yvonne eventually dropped her lawsuit, but she vows, she is never going back to that church. soledad o'brien in america, cnn, washington. okay, the concept of family can mean one thing to you and another to someone else. soledad o'brien follows a same-sex couple in their struggle against the legal and personal obstacles to become parents. can these men achieve a life as
11:51 am
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come this way, quickly. we want to get to richard roth, right, in new york. he's at a bar for us, watching the world cup. he's at a bar, watching the world cup. richard is there. it is a good news result. richard, take it away. >> all right. tony, big reaction here, obviously, when the goal was scored. what did you think of what happened? >> what's that? >> reporter: what did you think when it happened? >> it was a surprise we got it. but we'll take a free goal. >> reporter: a lot of chances, finally, last few minutes, right? >> they had a ton of chances and finally pulled it out. >> reporter: we can see over there that people are singing "america the beautiful." over there. tony. ♪ god bless america >> richard, it's fine. we just want to hear the room. it is terrific. here it is. i think we've got the goal. jenny, do we have the goal? okay. so it's not the goal. maybe we will see the goal in this highlight package, but what
11:55 am
you are -- absolutely going to see -- and there -- no, that was the offsides call. okay. this was the offsides call. right? and so that goal was disallowed. let's continue to roll through the highlight package here, and richard jump in when you want to here. because we have a 1-nil score. go ahead, richard. >> reporter: well, i can't see the highlights you're playing. we did have reaction that maybe we could show from the fans, when the goal was scored in here. i mean, there were so many missed opportunities. i think there is such an air of resignation. there is a man cheering cnn, and we're always glad for that. "america the beautiful," we have heard being sung. the united states, i believe, wins the group. we'll have to find out later who the u.s. would play. it was packed in here. >> there's the goal! >> reporter: they were so fed up with the u.s. falling behind. >> richard, we just saw the
11:56 am
goal. l landin donovan scored it, the response was overwhelming. and obviously, the response where you are right now was overwhelming, as well. as folks start to stream out of the bar. and i think what we have is a situation -- we get out of this group, we move on, regardless of what happens in the england game, correct? >> reporter: that's right. and the u.s. will play either certain i can't , ghana, germany. germany may be the strongest. is the u.s. too exhausted after this? they had to use every inch of energy to get that goal. anything can happen, of course, in football or soccer. i believe the next match for the united states would be saturday. this is an achievement, but the u.s. did better in 2002. it will increase fan interest, tv ratings. there definitely would have been turmoil in the united states soccer camp if the u.s. was eliminated. and you saw the relief on u.s.
11:57 am
coach bob friendly's phase here. and people just went crazy here when they scored the goal. >> folks in the bar in new york heading back to work. okay. let's check in on productivity later today at the job after watching exciting world cup action. let's take a break. we've got to get to the top of the hour here. - cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. some use hydrogenated oil. reddi-wip uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi-wip.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
and hello again, everyone, i'm tony harris. top of the hour in the cnn "newsroom," where anything can happen. here are some of the people behind today's top stories. judge maday for general stanley mcchrystal. the big question, will the general be fired? a teacher's critical choice making a huge impact on young lives. >> we have a need for more african-american males in the classroom to fill those voids, so our students can see that on a daily basis, so that all of the intellectuals aren't just in the medical field. >> what the push for more black male teachers meant for one young man. you're online, and we are, too. ines ferre is following top stories on the internet. >> you can see, not in public. that's the message that one proposed ordinance in the south carolina town is sending. and also, we're following your comments on general mcchrystal online. >> all right. ines, thank you. let's get started with our lead story. we are waiting to learn the fate of a man calling the shots for
12:01 pm
u.s. troops in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal, summoned to the white house for disparaging remarks against the president. we know the meeting wrapped up an hour ago, and the president is meeting with national security advisers. we have love reports from the pentagon and afghanistan. first to our correspondent, suzanne malveaux. suzanne, you aptly called this "decision day" last hour. what are you learning? what's the update here? >> reporter: you know, tony, still a lot of questions about what kind of decisions have been made. i can tell you what's happening behind the scenes at the white house, just got an e-mail from a white house spokesman tommy vooeter who said the meeting started at 11:55 or so in the situation room. the president and his national security team. what is interesting to note here, tony, is we did see general mcchrystal leave the white house after a meeting that took place face-to-face with the president in the oval office for about 32 minutes. we have not seen the general
12:02 pm
return. and so we are all wondering what that means. we don't necessarily know what that means yet. we do know, however, that we will get an update from the president, who will go before the cameras to explain all of this, to explain what happened, what took place in the oval office with his meeting with general mcchrystal. whether or not general mcchrystal keeps his job. who, perhaps, could replace him. and looking forward to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. a little behind the scenes, tony. had a chance, you know, some of us are camped outside of gibbs' office to see what is going on. about 15 minutes ago, he was in his office, he was leaving his office, i quickly asked him, i said, you know, you got anything for me, any update? he said, "nothing, nothing," and everybody knew what he was talking about, the world cup game, the u.s. versus algeria, which is on at the white house, and has everybody glued to their tv sets. that's the question. the u.s. has since scored. but he then said, "i'm going into the situation room." so at that point, it was 15
12:03 pm
minutes ago. he was in the situation room. and so that meeting has begun, and we will get a -- clearly, a readout after that meeting, and what has taken place. >> all right. at the white house, suzanne malveaux for us. appreciate it. thank you. now for the military impact. let's get to our pentagon, correspondent, barbara starr. and barbara, stanley mcchrystal met with secretary gates earlier. anything come out of that meeting? >> reporter: we don't know, tony. that meeting was the first taking place much earlier this morning. here at the pentagon, admiral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs, also attended that meeting. we saw general mcchrystal here in the pentagon hallways after that. he had not anything to say. everyone here is waiting for the same thing, to hear from the president of the united states about whether he is firing or keeping on this vital wartime commander in it afghanistan. the military, i think, it is fair to say, wants to see a decision, wants it made, and to move on, and move ahead as
12:04 pm
rapidly as possible. one way or the other. the major military concern, of course, is that this not become a distraction in the war. troops are on the line in southern afghanistan, especially where casualties are up, violence is up, and the war is going more slowly than planned. so nobody is looking for a distraction at this point. everybody wants to get on with it, one way or the other, tony. >> and barbara, if you would, maybe you could walk us through the possible replacements. should general mcchrystal be relieved of his command. >> well, should it come to that, a lot of people are talking about a short list of candidates. i think it very much remains to be seen. some of the names you hear, we'll show you. general maddus, marine. but he's a very plain-spoken person in public. they may not be looking for that right now. general allen, deputy -- he is the deputy to general petraeus. general david rodriguez. he is essentially the number two general in afghanistan right
12:05 pm
now. running the day to day combat operations. he could hit the ground running, if you will. so that is certainly a possibility. the next one, jenmar tin dempsey, very popular army general, very plain-spoken, but a no-nonsense kind of guy. and another, admiral jim stavirous, top commander of nato at the moment, very well-liked and well-known within the nato alliance, which is very possibility. but not a ground combat officer, a navy admiral. we have to wait and see what the president decides to do. >> when we get a little more time, maybe we can -- maybe we can make this happen later this hour. barbara, i would really like to talk to you about what you hear from your sources as to how the operation, the strategy, is working in it afghanistan. let's try to make that happen this hour.
12:06 pm
barbara starr at the pentagon for us. thank you, barbara. should the general get his marching orders? is that seems to be the question of the day. and you are certainly weighing in. you can leave your comments for us at you can also go on to facebook and twitter. we will have some of your comments later this hour. were there warning signs of disaster on the deepwater horizon? one rig worker says there were. weeks before the explosion. he is speaking out, only to cnn. but right now, let's get to a briefing in washington, d.c. the administration's point man, the point man on the disaster in the gulf, coast guard admiral thad allen, with the daily briefing. >> 16,668 barrels and the q4000, which flared after natural gas and oil of 10,429 barrels. we had an incident earlier today they noticed that there was some kind of a gas rising through the vent that carries warm water
12:07 pm
down that prevents hydrates from forming. the discovery enterprise removed the containment cap and moved away until they could assess the conditi condition. they have indicated the problem was a remotely operated vehicle had bumped into one of the vents that allows the excess oil to come out and actually closed it, thereby creating pressure, and the backflow up the water vent. they are checking the containment cap right now. if there are no hide rates in the containment cap, they will reinstall the containment cap and begin producing later on in the day. they may have to rerun the pipeline, and that will take a considerable amount longer. a couple other updates. as i have told you over the last couple days, we're in the process of installing free-standing riser pipes, that will increase production as we move into the month of july. the first free-standing riser pipe has been installed. they were testing it for pressure leaks today. and they will look at putting an
12:08 pm
anchoring system down. we are looking towards potentially next tuesday bringing an additional production vessel online. that will get us to the previously briefed 53,000 barrel a day capacity. that's notwithstanding the removal of the containment cap today for the issue that i've just talked about. on a more somber note, we had two deaths reported on people who were involved in this response earlier today. one was an accident regarding a swimming pool -- swimming event, and another one was a vessel of opportunity operator in gulf shores, mississippi. our thoughts and prayers go out to their family. we know this is a devastating thing to happen, and we understand that the gulf shores police department is following up on the death of the vessel of opportunity operator. with that, i'm pleased today to present a co presenter with me, previously identified, jordan barab, secretary of labor for osha. we've got a number of questions over the last few weeks about worker safety. and exposure of workers to various types of hazards out there. i thought it would be very informative for everybody to
12:09 pm
hear from the source itself about what we are doing together. a few weeks ago, we signed an mou between the department of labor and osha and the national incident commander laid out how we would work together moving forward, and it's been a strong team moving, and i would like to introduce mr. barab right now. thank you. >> thank you, admiral. i'm going to spend a few minutes talking about what osha has been doing, how we have been working with the national incident command -- >> a couple of -- man, some real developments here from the admiral, thad allen. first of all, you heard two deaths, two new deaths, associated with the oil response effort, and you can see for yourself here in these pictures, because of another accident. the containment cap is now off of that well head. and you can see what is happening there. you've got free-flowing oil spewing again, unchecked by the cap. we're going to get an update on this, and we're going to try to raise chris lawrence, he's in new orleans, on this. and chad myers, as well. let's take a quick break.
12:10 pm
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12:13 pm
i've got to tell you, a difficult day in the gulf on day 65, to say the least. we just heard the briefing from the government's point man on this gulf oil disaster, coast guard admiral thad allen. let's get to chris lawrence. and chris, boy, a difficult day. two deaths being reported, connected to the effort there in the gulf. and then, as everyone can see, the containment cap is off that well head, as a result of some kind of an accident. >> yeah. as i'm being told now, basically, they're checking that containment cap to see if there are hide rates. if there are no hydrates in there, they will be able to try to reattach it, reinstall it fairly quickly. but if there are, admiral thad allen of the coast guard indicated that it could take some time to be able to reattach the containment cap.
12:14 pm
he also talked a little bit about what may have happened. they had noticed that there was a gas rising through that vent that prevents those hydrates from forming, and what it looks like is one of the remote operated vehicles bumped into that vent and may have now caused a problem with the containment cap. and if you remember, back -- those hydrates were a problem with the first dome. >> yeah, those crystals, right? these ice crystals? >> exactly. exactly. and the first dome didn't have the vents which would allow -- which would keep the hydrates from forming. that's why this dome, you know, had those vents. but apparently this remote-operated vehicle bumped into one of the vents and now they were starting to see some of the hydrates possibly starting to form there. >> yeah. and also the report that of two deaths associated with the gulf response effort there, along the gulf, as well. chris lawrence for us, in new orleans. chris, appreciate it. thank you. the white house scrambling
12:15 pm
right now to rescue the president's moratorium on new deep water drilling. interior secretary ken salazar planning a revised, beefed up ban soon. one outlining legal justifications in greater detail. that's because the federal judge has blocked the current moratorium, calling it too generic. the president's ordered stop work at 33 exploratory wells, while the deepwater horizon explosion is under investigation. sounds like a pretty great idea. both designed as floating emergency rooms to save wildlife in the gulf. so why aren't they being used? we are in pens cola with the answer. one million dollars every hour... to improve our technology and your safety. it's an investment that's helped toyota earn multiple top safety pick awards for 2010 by the insurance institute for highway safety. no other brand has won more. these top safety picks, and all our new safety innovations
12:16 pm
are available at into revolutionary performance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission. one word makes the difference in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference. president obama and british prime minister david cameron
12:17 pm
will discuss the better. they will be at the g20 summit in canada. other top stories we're following for you, the president asking congress for another $600 million to increase border security, to hire 1,000 new border guards and customs agents. in south carolina, nikki haley is a step closer to becoming the state's first woman governor. haley is the winner of the primary election. more top stories for you coming up in 20 minutes. now to two men who have come up with a unique way to rescue wildlife in the gulf, if only bp and the government would let them use it. tom foreman now, has more in this building up america report. >> reporter: tony, many, many thousands of people all across the country have come up with ideas on how to help out in this oil catastrophe. but most of them never get beyond being ideas. a few, however, have. in the searing heat of the gulf,
12:18 pm
mark castlow and jimbo meter have an idea. a boat designed for a desperate time. >> the main purpose is to recover all the wildlife. that's what it's designed for. >> as co-owners of dragon fly boat works, they have spend their lives on the water and were sickened by pictures of animals dying in the catastro e catastrophe, so they set out to dramatically modify a line of their boats to come to the rescue. >> and you drew this thing up on a cocktail napkin. >> yeah, it was a quickie. >> where are you in the process now? >> we're trying to produce a boat every seven days right now for this. >> completely funded by donations and on their own time, the men consulted wildlife biologists to produce what they believe is the first boat ever made specifically for this work. >> the basic problem with many boats is they just can't go into shallow marshes.
12:19 pm
>> right, yes. it draws too much water. >> these boats operate in less than a foot of water, slipping up silently on injured animals, a big work table allows instant care instead of a long ride to a cleaning station first, while an adjustable shade canopy and mist nozzles lower the crushing temperatures. the boats are even wired for internet access. it's a labor of love. >> really, it's challenging on our business, but i mean, this is what we should be doing right now. >> we can defend ourselves, but they don't even know what's happening. >> the biggest trouble? they have been unable to get approval from bp and the government to put their boats to work. after we made a half dozen calls, the unified command center admitted that juggling all the offers of help has been a problem. >> it's the most frustrating thing i've ever been involved in. >> do you think you can overcome all of that and actually get these boats working on the water? >> yes -- >> we will. yeah, we will. >> we will do it. >> so the dragon fly team says
12:20 pm
they will keep during out their innovative boats, confident, in time they will prove to be life savers. the guys have some big name, big money supporters behind them, including the famous gulf coast singer, jimmy buffett. now, if they can just get those boats in the water. doan knee? >> all right. fingers crossed. thank you, tom. we are digging deeper on our top story. general stanley mcchrystal, the man in command in afghanistan. what will his uncertain future mean for the military operation there? we are going to kabul to find some answers. [ diane lane ] when you were 14 you knew exactly where to turn
12:21 pm
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[ male announcer ] time to check your air conditioning? come to meineke now and get a free ac system check. meineke. we have the coolest customers. the man calling the shots may be out of a job. worry waiting to hear if general mcchrystal has been fired.
12:24 pm
afghanistan's president wants him to remain in the position. but hamid karzai doesn't get to make that decision. what is general mcchrystal's relationship with karzai and the afghan government? how would you describe it? >> well, it's a very strong relationship, tony. when you look at president karzai's relationship with the obama administration, it's not a strong relationship. when you look at his relationship with even u.s. ambassador eikenberry, it used to be a strong relationship in those cables from ambassador eikenberry was leaked, saying that he didn't find president karzai a suitable partner when it comes to the war effort. but general mcchrystal, president karzai, have built a very strong relationship in this last year, the last several months ago down to council meetings and places such as kandahar, trying to win the support of the afghan people. president karzai making it very leer, that general mcchrystal is the best commander. and the ministry of defense also speaking up and saying that
12:25 pm
general mcchrystal is a man of integrity. he's a man that has helped them, and help build the relationship between the afghan forces and the international forces. >> how will it change -- atia, how will it change leadership, if it happens, and affect u.s. policy there? any way to know? >> well, what will likely happen, tony, is that the strategy that general mcchrystal put in place with the counter insurgency strategy, will still be in effect. his tactical directives will still be in effect. life will go on, the mission will go on. but it's really the symbolism that we're looking at here. you have a president of afghanistan, you have his ministry of defense, that back this general, calling him the best comm commonder for the war afghanistan, and if general mcchrystal does leave, or president obama let's him go, that's going to be a symbol of failure and a disconnect between the two governments. and also, we should note that it's going to be a symbol for
12:26 pm
victory when it comes to the taliban and insurgency. >> i'm curious about the overall strategy and its effectiveness. the people that you talk to, your sources, the military personnel that you talk to, u.s., nato, afghan, is this strategy working? and maybe we can use as a case study marja. >> well, that's a fantastic question, tony, because when you really look at it, it really depends on how you're looking at it. is it working on the timetable that's put up in front of them, in front of the military, the nato commanders here? no. it's not working on the timetable. marja, at first, when they went in, they wanted it to be a success story. it's not the success story that they're hoping for. but many people say, give it time. but when i talked to the marines on the ground that i was embedded with in marja. they say they're going out on patrols now. the civilians don't like them anymore. they're throwing stones. the taliban are regaining
12:27 pm
strength. so no, in that way, it is not working. the kandahar operation that we expected this summer is being pushed ahead, saying they're not ready for just yet. but that also being said, tony, you have to look at afghanistan. is been eight years, nearly nine years, the trust of the afghan people in nato's mission is not there anymore. and what general mcchrystal's strategy was trying to do was bring that trust back. but trust isn't gained easily. it will take time. it has been working in some places and not in others, particularly in the south, where it's the most volatile part of the war. >> oh, boy. just absolutely fascinating stuff. atia, good to see you. . we have been asking all morning if you think general stanley mcchrystal should lose his job for those scathing comments on "rolling stone" magazine. ines ferre is reading your comments. and i hope everyone is weighing in. are you getting a lot of activity? >> oh, yeah, tons, on twitter,
12:28 pm
facebook, cnn. let's start with some of your tweets. here's one, mcchrystal should be fired as an officer in the military. you don't speak out against the commander in chief. he is too hollywood, she says. then also, rick says thousands follow his orders without question, and he spills the beans to a "rolling stone" reporter? let him go. we also have on our blog. he should stay, says allison. the only way this is hurting our troops is by pulling the general to washington. and tony, this last one on facebook. madeline says everyone knows he won't get fired. it's just a talk. tony. >> wow. so we want to keep the conversation going. how do we do that, facebook, twitter, the blogs? >> yeah,, tony harris, cnn at twitter and also facebook. >> do you have a twitter handle? >> i do. i do. iferre. i-f-e-r-r-e. >> can we put that up? appreciate it. stock is down, but not out. we will show you why so many analysts are suddenly bullish on
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
cnn, the best financial website on the web. we are in negative territory, trading down 19 points. i've got to tell you, big oil is praising right now, a federal judge's decision to lift a six-month moratorium on deep water drilling in the gulf. and on wall street, that could be one more reason for analysts to recommend bp stock to investors. cnn's poppy harlow is in new york. poppy, great to see you. what are analysts saying about bp stock here? >> they love it. you know, it's amazing. you look at the stock. let me show you what bp has done
12:31 pm
sips that april 20th rig explosion. stock has fallen 50%, tony. up today when the broader market is down. of the 14 analysts surveyed by thompson financial, none of them rate bp stock to sell. even now, you've got eight of them saying buy it, and six of them saying hold it, don't do anything. so we wanted to know, why is that? why do people recommend to investors, look, you should maybe buy this stock? here's why. there's a lot of things that make bp a very strong company. we're going to go through them for you. first of all, this company has $6.8 billion of cash on hand, very deep pockets. can do anything it wants with that money. they suspected their dividend and announced that last week. that gives them $10.5 billion more dollars cash on hand in their pockets per year, which, again, they can do whatever they want with. you look at the company in terms of the oil reserves that they have. as of last year, the latest numbers they -- that we have, bp had 10.5 billion barrels of oil
12:32 pm
on reserve. $80 billion. and they said we're going to sell assets, $10 billion in assets over the next year. on top of that, tony, we have talked a lot about this. let's look at the profit this company made. $17 billion last year. in the first quarter of this year, they made $6 billion. so the big question is, bp is facing a major, major hurdle, it's unprecedented. at the same time, they've got a lot, a lot of money. this is something you should look at if you're holding bp stock now and thinking of selling it. none of the analysts say sell the stock. the range is 11 hundred to a billion dollars. something to look at when you talk about how do i handle this company if i have it in my portfolio. >> poppy, that's a lot of money. >> it's a lot of money. >> poppy harlow in new york for us. good to see you. the obama administration plans to issue a new moratorium
12:33 pm
on deep water drilling after a federal judge blocked -- a judge is appealing the decision, which means the ban stays in effect for now. last hour, i spoke to a louisiana businessman on how the moratorium is actually hitting home. >> the shrimp -- they can't go out because the water is polluted with oil. and i usually sell, like, 300 blocks a day, and that's equivalent to 90,000 pounds of ice a day. and now i'm down to about 3 to 4,000 pounds of ice a day. and that's not doing -- you know, it's no good for me. >> i gotcha. but i'm asking whether you filed a claim. >> yes, i a claim with bp, and they got my paperwork, and we still never received any payment or any compensation from what we lost. >> okay. are you willing to help in the clean-up effort and earn some
12:34 pm
money for your business? >> right. but -- yes, we have some trollers out there working for bp. that's my biggest problem. a lot of my bigger boats working for bp, cleaning up the oil, and they're all out on the gulf and in the inland waters, and trying to protect our shores. so that oil doesn't get into our shores. all right. president obama issued the deep water drilling moratorium in late may, it applies to 33 exploratory wells and does not impact thousands of others up and running. you're spends sending your thoughts on general stanley mcchrystal. more straight ahead. ♪ [ folk rock ]
12:35 pm
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12:37 pm
after that, beret and army ranger. by the time of the persian gulf war, mcchrystal was commanding
12:38 pm
the 75th ranger regiment. he traded the battlefield for the academic world, doing scholarships, and then in the council of foreign relations in new york city. by 2003, he led the pentagon operations through the joint special operations command. they had some big success, including the 2003 capture of saddam hussein. and then in 2006, killed the leader of al qaeda in iraq. this ultimately landed him the command in afghanistan. but one dark spot on his record. in 2007, he was singled out of the pentagon for not immediately telling a family that the military suspected the former nfl star turned u.s. soldier was killed by friendly fire. the question of the day. will general mcchrystal stay or go? we are hearing from you in droves. let's see you on twitter on facebook, on our blog, ines ferre has been reading your
12:39 pm
comments. you have more for us? >> yeah, definitely. so many people that are commending on. let's start with cnn blog. the general should stay, he is frustrated with the obama cabinet as our americans. also, checking out some of your tweets. his actions -- fire away. and then we have some comments on facebook. gayle says fire him, this ain't jack nicholson. this is the president you dised. and matt says, it would be a huge mistake to fire the general at this point. let him finish his job, stop being so freakin' sensitive, people. those are some of the comments. >> i want more. i want more. look, we've got some time here. we've got 20 minutes left of the program. let's get some more going. all right, ines, appreciate it, thank you. fewer than 2% of teachers in public schools are african-american men. >> i did have one african-american male teacher.
12:40 pm
one role model that took me under his wing, stuck with me through the rough, hard, sticky, nasty, grimy times. >> why the education secretary is pushing for programs to encourage educated black males to head back into the classroom. ♪
12:41 pm
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omnaris. ask your doctor. battling nasal allergy symptoms? omnaris combats the cause. get omnaris for $11 at education secretary arne duncan says there is a big shortage of african-american male teachers. in the third part of my "education:name the next generation" series, meet a young man whose teacher changed his life. william hayes can understand why most black men don't teach. >> when you're growing up, you're taught that you need to be able to provide for your family, you need to be able to support those around you. teaching doesn't necessarily
12:44 pm
paint the picture that i can get rich. >> so after college, william went into teaching. he cared less about money and more about having an impact. >> i had a personal investment in the community as an african-american male who has benefited from all that my culture and my community and family has to offer. i think it's up to me to give that back. >> giving back to students like salmon mastin, who in high school was in and out of trouble until one teacher changed the course of his life. >> this is where i was trying to be hard, trying to be hood and stuff. that came into effect and the cops took me down and arrested me, put me in jail, in a holding cell. >> that was solomon in high school, the same high school where william hayes achieved the goal he set after college. give back. the two met when solomon was at a breaking point, something william immediately noticed. >> a young man who i saw had a great deal of potential, but he was kind of on a rocky roller coaster. so there was one day where he came in, and it was a terrible morning for him, he was obviously distressed and i
12:45 pm
introduced myself, what's going on. and at this point, he was crying. >> before anything he could have said or done registered with me at all, he brought tears out of my eyes. that's when i knew, like, this -- this is something serious. and i must be on the verge of doing something great in life. because i don't do this mess. an instant connection, because both know the struggle of being a young black male. >> when i saw pieces of myself within him, and agreed to cultivate that. what i saw in solomon was what i see in so many of my students each day. it's that fear that, will i get out of life what i'm trying to put into it? and it's that fear that tomorrow is not necessarily promised and i don't necessarily know that i will be successful, so is there a point in trying? >> of the nation, 3 million public school teachers, less than 2% are black men. 24% are white males. and 76% are women. >> when i was ceo of the chicago public schools, i used to go
12:46 pm
into elementary schools that did not have a single black male teacher. >> it's one of the reasons u.s. education secretary arne duncan developed the teach campaign. it's an initiative to get more black men in front of the classroom. >> the nation as a whole has far too few teachers of color. how can that be a good thing for young children, especially our young boys? historically black colleges and university, including xavier, we established a century ago for the purpose of training black teachers. education must be the great equalizer in america. and to care about promoting opportunity and reducing inequality, the classroom is a great place to start. >> currently, schools across the country are dealing with budget cuts, layoffs and growing classrooms. still, secretary duncan believes making in initiative a priority, calling black men to serve. >> to the men here, i'm sorry to say, please don't expect a denzel will be playing you any
12:47 pm
time soon, if you become a teacher. and the truth is, i don't want to row majority size the job of a good teacher. teaching is hard, hard work. >> but williams says the hard work of teaching is well worth it, when you see a student like solomon turn his life around and find success. >> i never thought i would be this successful. and right now, i don't even see it as success. i'm still striving, and, you know, i'm fighting, i'm running, i'm crawling, i'm dragging, i'm flying toward success, doing it all. >> so what do you think? is placing black men in the classroom the answer to solving some of the problems in the black community, such as gang violence and fatherless homes? here's what some of you wrote to me on our blog. sometimes you have to experience being black to know what it means to be black. this is not about color. one often learns faster from someone who is on the same wave length as you. i don't care if someone is green or purple, as long as they are qualified to do the job. for so long now we have used
12:48 pm
things like affirmative action in this country until we as a country are about in ruins. and so often, black males come from single-parent homes where they are raised by a mother or grandmother, an aunt, a sister. they go to school, and the only black male presence may be the custodian and on occasion a principal. having black male teachers in the schools would give the youngster positive role models to interact with in a structured environment. we would like to keep this conversation going with you. send us your thoughts to my blog page. there it is. a last-minute goal sends team usa to the knock outround at the world cup. we will get a live report from joe berg. just look for a business with the superguarantee® shield. you'll get the job done right, or we'll help to make it right. protect yourself with the superguarantee® only at®.
12:49 pm
[ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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12:51 pm
very quickly, we are getting word here that president obama will make his statement on the fate of general stanley mcchrystal at 1:30 p.m. eastern time from the rose garden. tj homes will drive you to the president's comments. at 1:30 eastern time, we will get the president live from the rose garden, and we will bring you the president's comments, obviously, right here in the cnn "newsroom." you know, it looked hopeless for team usa in the last moments of the match against algeria. 90 minutes had gone by. the score, nil-nil. american fans did not want another draw. that wasn't going help at all.
12:52 pm
america needed a win. and the point that went along with the win. and how about this? now, these are the -- there it is. there's the goal. there's the goal. the superstar delivered. landin donovan delivered at the critical moment. let's get a report from soccer city. johannesburg. oh, hi, isha! >> hi, there, tony. >> it was terrific. it was a big win. >> it was a very, very big win. and better late than never, that's what i say. your boys leaving it to the dying moments of this game. after we said, the usa dominated for large periods of this game, but through a combination of work, goal keeping and poor finishing on the part of usa, they couldn't get that goal in normal time. they did have a goal disallowed on 15 minutes. dempsey finding the back of the net, but the goal was ruled offsides. it's the second time in the
12:53 pm
world cup that the usa has had a major decision go begins them. but they have pushed algeria all the way, throwing everything they had at them, and landin donovan getting the goal. usa emerging winners. england second in that group. tony, can you believe it, because i can't. >> what do you mean, you can't? oh, yeah. i see. rooting interest. i see. here is the goal, okay? >> okay. >> now, let me just -- and you see -- >> we keep showing the offsides. ler. so this is the offsides play from earlier in the game, right? so this is waved off for offsides, isha. >> that's right. and it was a bad decision. >> and here we go. landin donovan. >> and look at this goal. landin donovan with the goal. and look at the celebration. >> yes. here we go. all right. these -- these are the near
12:54 pm
misses. okay. part of the story of this game were the number of opportunities that the american team had to score and failed to score. right, isha? . >> absolutely. yeah, you can't get away from that point. i mean, you know, dempsey had something like six chances, six shots on goal, and he couldn't finish. he just couldn't get the back of the net -- >> and that's the goal. >> and other goals in the mix, as well. yeah, that's the goal. i don't have a monitor where i am, so i can't see. but landin donovan with the goal in the dying moments of this game. >> and let's be clear about this. landin donovan is unquestioned superstar of this team for the superstar of the team to come through in the critical moment is huge. moving forward in terms of confidence for this team, so he gets out of group play, and who was the likely opponent moving forward, isha, and then we've got to go. >> well, we're looking at -- you could be facing ghana or germany. let's hope for you that you get ghana, not germany.
12:55 pm
>> just stop your mess. just stop it. all right, see you in a couple weeks, isha. take care and have a good time. >> thank you, tony. all right. ines ferre is here tracking what's online for us, as always. >> the world cup is really online. if you check it out, you can go to, and you've got all this interactive stuff, tony. people are tweeting about this. you know, they're just so amazed at all these tweets that are going on here. we can see isha, actually wrote a tweet. >> did she really? >> my producer brent, i thought he was going to explode when the u.s. got that late goal. >> that was good. >> and donovan skorz, usa joins england. talk about last-minute drama. so this is what folks are talking about right now, the world cup. >> all right. time management a real issue for me. more of your tweets and your e-mails and messages on general stanley mcchrystal. once again, 1:30 p.m. eastern time, the president will make his comments on the fate of the
12:56 pm
top commander in afghanistan. t.j. holmes joining at the top of the hour. let's take a break. ts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on -- just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
12:57 pm
okay, once again, another reminder president obama is going to make remarks on the fate of general stanley mcchrystal. scheduled again for 1:30 eastern time here in the cnn "newsroom," of course. we will bring you those comments live. and let's do this. do we have time for blog responses? tweets? we do. all right. ines? are we loaded up here? if not -- >> there you go, yeah. yeah. >> all right. >> so this one is from irene, the general should stay, he's just frustrated with the obama cabinet, as are many americans. we have newer ones loaded. >> this is from dale, fire him? let me see if i can get you a new one. and that's -- >> we just put up new ones just a second ago, actually, and tony, people can go to
12:58 pm, and they can put in their comments, as well. and we had some more comments. >> right. all right. we'll do that. in just a moment. let's get to a break. we're coming close to the top of the hour. we're back in a moment. you're in the cnn "newsroom." ? ♪ ♪ ♪ now when you open and fund an account, you'll get 200 commission-free trades. fidelity investments. turn here. ♪
12:59 pm
boy, an important hour coming right now. cnn "newsroom" with t.j. holmes in for ali velshi. >> tony, thank you very much. and hello to you all. top of the hour here now. this is a big hour, and you need to stick with us.


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